Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

"I'm not absolutely sure what the deal was . . .

I generally don't cry.  Partly because it's just not in my makeup (I could never be an actor) and partly because of my realization that people lucky enough to live in the western world usually don't have anything to cry about.  Sometimes they do, but mostly not.  What I do get choked up about sometimes is when people are nice to other people.  The seen in Little Women, the one with Winona Ryder, where the family is sitting down to a sumptuous Christmas dinner and they all look at each other and realize that there is a family up the road who not only don't have a Christmas dinner, but half the time they don't have any dinner.  So they gather everything up in baskets and whatever and take their dinner to the poor family.  I got verklempt and started to tear up when I watched that.

Anyway, mostly I don't cry, I just don't, but I saw a wedding the other day that really got to me.  It was two guys getting married and as is all the rage these days, they had written their own vows.  I was minding my own business kind of following along (I hate things like this usually) and the first guy was reciting his vows and he got to a part that caught my attention: '. . . and I need a home.  Steven, will you be my home?'  The other guy replied, 'Kurt, I would like nothing more on this earth than to be your home.  Will you be mine?'  To which Kurt replied, 'Of course.  Of course.  Of course.'

By the time Kurt got to the part about 'will you be my home?' he was in tears and as soon as he got the word 'home' out so was Steven---and so was I.  I couldn't believe it.  When Kurt replied that of course he would be Steven's home, they embraced each other tightly and cried on each other's shoulders for probably five solid minutes.  There may have been more verbiage written, but they (very wisely I think) just called it a wedding at that point.  Everyone else thought so, too, and most of them were crying.

I had never heard wedding vows expressed in terms of 'home' before.  That really hit me somehow.  I must have some serious unexplored issues revolving around the concept of home.  It reminded me of that thing I overheard in a Starbucks once where a lady asked, 'Why do gay guys always have such cool wedding vows?'  To which a guy replied, 'Because we actually mean them.'  Kurt and Steve had written some cool vows I'm sure, but they also had the taste and dramatic sense of timing to know that, after the 'home' business, the moment had peaked and to just let it be.  Trying to finish the written vows after that would have had to have been an anticlimactic let down.  Good for them.

I need to go think about 'home' for a while."
Tags: dream transcription, movie commentary, profundity extraordinaire

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