Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

A Monster ad . . .

. . . that was just on the radio said that if I hire Monster candidates I will get grit, tenacity . . . and I thought they said "passion."  Well my ears perked up, as you can imagine.  I tried to find more about it on the interwebs, but mostly I found out that there is some moderately famous self-help book or program called "Promoting: Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance."  Well, that sucks a bit.  Tenacity and perseverance are too close to the same thing, if you ask me.  You get your triad, your group of three, which everybody craves, but at the expense of not making as much sense as you might have.

I'm gonna call 'em up and tell 'em to send over somebody with grit, tenacity, and passion and if they say, "Don't you mean grit, tenacity and perseverance?" I'm gonna say, "No, you heard me.  I want passion and if they gits here and they ain't gots no passion, I'm sendin' 'em right back.  I want somebody with grit, tenacity and passion, heavy on the grit, if you don't mind, thank you very much."

That's what I'm gonna do!

. . .

A friend of mine once got marked down, believe it or not, on a performance appraisal for being too tenacious.  Seems he was tenacious sort of like a pit bull is tenacious---and a bit uncontrollable.  No matter, the next place he worked dug his tenacity and hired him just 'cause o' that.  It all comes 'round if you watch long enough.

. . .

I want the proceeds of my estate to go to the Kiss My Puppy Foundation.  Or maybe to the Doctor Philastus Hurlbut and Molly B. Denim Fund for Universal Expansion.
Tags: brain fart, compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire
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