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Who ordered the trees? - Hurtling Butt-First Through Time [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

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Who ordered the trees? [Jun. 8th, 2016|05:23 pm]
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Last Wednesday I was going to Vic's for lunch and as a went to turn right onto Osuna from Chappel there was a guy crossing Chappel on a bicycle.  On this bicycle he had a carrier rack on the back like you might strap your books to on the way home from school.  But on either side of this rack was a large wire basket and in each basket was a big plasitc pot with a tree planted in it.  When I was a kid my parents used to go to the nursery where you could buy trees and a shrubs in containers sold by size.  A one-gallon blue spruce was a tiny little sprig of a tree that woud take you a couple of decades to raise into a respectable tree.  A five-gallon one would be maybe five years old already and would take less time and effort to get started.  The trees on the back of this guy's bicycle were at least ten-gallon ones, maybe more.  The trees growing in the containers were a good seven feet tall and the bottoms of their buckets were probably a foot off the ground, so this guy had some eight feet of tree on either side of his bike.

When he got to the other side of Chappel and started up the sidewalk on Osuna, he discovered that the trees lining the streets hung down lower than the tops of his cargo trees.  He was standing there looking back and forth at his trees and the regular trees when the light turned and I had to go.  I almost would have liked to stop and ask him what he was going to do, but Osuna was all torn up with construction and there was nowhere to pull into a parking lot till I was way up the street.  He could have just ridden on the street instead of the sidewalk, which you're supposed to do anyway.  Osuna is normally three lanes each way and people in cars could have seen his trees for a quarter of a mile, but with it choked down to one lane like that, it would be pretty dicey.  I hope he got where he thought he needed to be safely.

The image of him and his bike and the trees were almost cartoonish.  Or, no, like a drawing in a Dr. Seuss book.  Yes, like a Dr. Seuss illustration.  They could only have been more so had they been palm trees.