Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Genius . . .

. . . is not as bad as they say.  There are a few poorly stitched seams here and there, but mostly it was interesting enough to be entertaining.  Jude law plays a character similar to the one played by Ralph Feines in A Bigger Splash: someone who is ON 150%, in your face, all the time, impossible to ignore.  When I encounter those types in real life, I avoid them like the plague, so that wore on me a bit, but . . .  I knew nothing about Thomas Wolfe or Max Perkins so it was all new to me and pristine in its truthfulness because I don't know any different.  I would recommend it.

Tomatometer:    45%
Phrembameter:  62.87%

Belladonna of Sadness:  Good artwork, not my genre.
Tomatometer:    84%
Phrembameter:  35.2%

The Lobster: Weird, which I like, a little slow and depressing which I don't like, has Rachel Weiss who I adore.  The Phremabameter would never have gotten over 70% without her.
Tomatometer:    90%
Phrembameter:  81.1%

Dheepan:  A very engaging story well told.
Tomatometer:    90%
Phrembameter:  82.22%
Tags: movie commentary

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