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Hurtling Butt-First Through Time [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

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Where I grew up in Salt Lake . . . [Feb. 12th, 2017|10:32 pm]
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)
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. . . there was a band called Bishop Rick and The Priesthood Holders that used to play at Stake Dances and things.  That is until some of them got caught holding each other's priesthoods.  After that, they couldn't do anything after church or school but sit in their rooms and pray for forgiveness.  And they were required to sit down to pee for a year to help purify their thoughts.  But the church got by by hiring out the worship band fron the liberal Lutheran congregation down the road.  If the Lutherans could keep their priesthoods in their pants for the duration of the dance, that was good enough.  Their souls weren't our church's responibility.