Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

Some doof called . . .

. . . American Fable a horror flick.  It is not a horror flick.  You can tell by the way it moves right along without long, long draggy suspense building sequences.  It's a drama with fantasy aspects and overtones, many of which come from the dreams of the main character (an eleven year-old girl).  It is dreamy and surrealistic in places.  I think the realism tracks what the girl is learning about the world as she goes.  At first it's magical wondrous place, but little by little as things happen and she grows up in response to what's going on, reality sets in and it bites, as they say.  Peyton Kennedy, who was really eleven at the time (she's looking more her age, 13, these days) carries the film on her diminutive but very capable---as it turns out---shoulders.  The movie's a real ride and very entertaining.  Recommended.

'Mater Meter:  67%      Phrembahmeter:  77%  What are we afraid of guys?  That she'll become another Jennifer Lawrence who can carry as much as any three male stars without breaking a sweat?  Oh no!  Not that again!
Tags: movie commentary

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