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Enough, already!

Well, precisely because I had the audacity to chronicle the coming of spring yesterday (or whenever that was), I had to brush three inches of snow off Clunk the Wonder Truck when I left work tonight. It's still snowing and it's colder than shit which means it's going to be a sleigh ride to work tomorrow. I really need to go in early or go in late. The people around here cannot deal with snow and many just steer their car into the nearest solid object to get it over with and end the suspense.

. . .

Mostly nothing happened at work today. Manager Man came by and was super polite, probably suspecting that if he put two words in the wrong order I'd throw down my badge and walk.

So we have only a small glimpse of the "plan". They hired a lady "engineer" a while back who promptly cried FEMLA! and went to a two day work week because her husband suddenly got a job. They are bringing her on full time in April to take on part of T's stuff. This will probably piss her off and make her quit, because the whole deal was that she didn't want the kid in child care five days a week when her husband went back to work. We'll see. Another young "engineer" will take over another piece of it, which only leaves a couple more projects uncovered. Funny how it takes at least three, maybe four, "engineers" to pick up the slack left by this evil doer that they couldn't abide, isn't it? This wreaks havoc with the budgets, too, because "engineers" are generally paid pretty much the same as engineers and now you have four spigots open on the ol' budget barrel and it's draining at an alarming rate. Happily, not my problem.

They have no appreciation for people who can take on the work of half a dozen "engineers" and get it done because most of our "managers" don't really know what we do. Not really. Management to them is spouting slogans and avoiding litigation. They gave us new notepads this year with our top five goals printed on the top. "Focus on the customer" is fourth on the list, believe it or not. I wouldn't let the customer actually see any of these notepads if I were them.

Where do they think the money comes from?
Tags: compelling chronicle, rant

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