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So long and thanks for all the fish

I didn't know it till about eleven o'clock in the morning, but yesterday was my last day at TWoT. I was hanging around to finish one specific task that I promised I would have finished before I left when T calls me up and tells me that TWoT has filed to contest the unemployment insurance he received while he was between jobs. "Those SLEAZY FUCKING BASTARDS ! ! !" I said to myself. To put him and his family through two months of that uncertainty shit, to cheat him out of whatever vestment he had in their pension plan or whatever, and now they want the state to take back the $2700 or so that he had to live on for nine weeks. I blew up. And wrote them a scathing letter of re-resignation effective this Friday. Well, seein' as how angry I was, they decided they didn't want me around for another two days. So they walked me to the gate. They were a little surprised that I was ready to go. Nothing to pack. No, I took all of my personal shit home last August or so when they fired DM. She was a case very similar to T, where she was not blameless, but she was given no warning, no counseling, no chance to improve or make amends, she had obviously been targeted for deletion. And if that was the way they were going to behave, I knew I didn't want to stay, though at the time I figured I would finish my degree first.

So that's it for that particular shit-hole.

Now I need to decide whether to do the big academic push, or go in search of the The Workplace of The Day After Tomorrow.
Tags: compelling chronicle, profundity extraordinaire, rant, revelation from god

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