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Ever onward...

Geology field trip tomorrow. Uhg. It's blessedly short for a field trip, just 8:00 till noon or so, but still. This is one of the problems I had with high-school; I hate extracurricular activities. Or, I should probably say, out-of-hours activities. I got a C in physics because I aced every test but never showed for a single lab because they were late in the afternoon and interfered with my private life.

Anyway . . .

I'll do it and get it over with, but I'm dreading it.

I'm suffering slightly from academic burn-out. I'm tired of all of my classes and just want them to be over. It will pick up, I'm sure. About this time next week there will be light at the end of the term-tunnel, then by mid-August there will be all new courses with all new instructors. That will help. And the emphasis will start to turn more toward Computer Science, which I'm actually moderately interested in, and less toward fulfilling arbitrary core requirements.

Hey, this is what it's all about. Just keep trudging ever onward and someday you'll be somewhere besides here. Well, sort of, maybe.

. . .

It looks like French Boy stiffed us on one of the eBay guitar sales. When T e-mailed him a couple or three weeks ago to find out where the check was, he said he couldn't understand the address to send it to, "What's this 'NM' after Albuquerque?" T explained that you don't have to understand it, you just have to write it on the outside of the envelope, apply whatever postage they suggest at the local PO and drop it in the box; it will get here. But the fact that instead of e-mailing T to clear up the "confusion" he just blew it off was not a good sign and we haven't heard anymore from him. So from now on it's "US and Canada Only." Not an "A+++++++++++++" rated eBayer. Oh, well. Starting in September, I'm going on an eBay sales blitz and see if I can pay for a term at school.

. . .

I got a bill yesterday for $9000+, only part of which was defrayed by student loan money, but it turns out all but about $600 should be paid by the time fall term gets here. Jeez, people! The tuition goes up every term just on general principles and the garbage fees are eating me alive. Hope I can survive this.

Man, I wish TVI offered four-year degrees. I'm signed up for seven hours there in the fall which will cost a grand total of $258. Including books!

We were talking about that in Calculus last night. UNM fought like hell to keep TVI from becoming a degree-granting institution because they realized that everybody would go to cheap, efficient, no-nonsense TVI, given a choice. Then one of our recent governors beat them over the head and forced them to accept up to two years worth of TVI credits and made TVI an associate-degree-granting institution. But everyone in class, most of whom have been fighting the continuing education wars for years, agreed that if TVI offered four-year technical degrees, UNM would dry up and blow away. Everyone has their own horror stories about the UNM bureaucracy. That's why an overpriced place like College of Santa Fe can exist and more-or-less flourish; no one wants to deal with UNM if there's any other way.

. . .

End of rant.
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