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Comcast has winked out from about 3:00 pm to about 7:00 pm two days in a row now.  What's that about?  I hope it's not overload.  My 'puter-savvy friends told me, "Yeah, cable's wonderful--looks just like a T1--till everybody in your neighborhood gets it, then you have to stand in line to download the CNN home page."  Let's hope it's not come to that.  Yet.  If it has, I'm going back to dial-up at a quarter of the cost.

. . .

It looks like I got to the weeds just in time yesterday.  Some creeper vine was threatening to strangle poor Twiggy, my pet cottonwood tree.  If you've never tried a tree as a pet before, don't knock it.  Talk about low maintenance.  When it comes to affection, though, I guess you have to use your imagination.*  But you have to do that with cats and birds and fish anyway, so it's not as different as you might think.

Twiggy's done pretty well this year.  I cut a chunk of the sprouting cottonwood root that pervades this whole neighborhood and planted it in the middle of the yard.  This accomplished two things: it put a tree where I wanted a tree and it rendered Twiggy independent of the Borg-like root system that the neighbors are always threatening to poison--just in case they were successful someday.  I wasn't sure she'd make it at first.  She turned all yellow and anemic in the summer sun, but I filled her little trough with water every time I thought of it and by September, she was a healthy shade of green and growing like gangbusters.  She's as tall as I am now, though very thin and sapling-like.  Maybe if I get some Job's fertilizer spikes or something, she'll start to put on a little weight.  Don't know if your supposed to fertilize a tree this late in the season.  I'll have to Google that this weekend if I have time.

I also have a volunteer lawn coming up--probably remnants of the lawn that was once planted in the yard.  I'm thinking of letting it be, maybe even watering it.  I could end up with a semi-respectable-looking front yard for free.  I looked and I still have a rinky-dink electric mower in the garage.  I bought it a couple of houses ago when I had a small lawn, then gave it to T&P when I no longer had a lawn but they did.  Then they left it here because they are once again lawn-less.  So it has come full circle.  I also have the refrigerator my mom bought me when I bought my first house.  I gave it to T&P for helping me move one time to an apartment that already had one, then they gave it back to me for helping them move a few years later.  Luckily, the eternal wheel of appliance possession came full circle before Mom ever found out I'd given it away.  She's not into re-gifting.

. . .

Better get back to it.  I don't want this book group deal to become the stomach wrenching horror that it usually becomes.  No money for the Maid Brigade.  This time I'm on my own.

. . .

*Reminiscent of the new "Use Your Imagination" Barbie that Dave Letterman was hawking last night: a colorful box with a cellophane window but no doll inside that says "Use Your Imagination" in big friendly letters on the front.
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