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What the?

Could the Republican Church be unraveling?  The local radio talk show guy this morning was saying what a lousy job both the Bush White House and the Cheney White House have done communicating with the American public (on domestic spying, shooting people in the face with birdshot, turning administration of US ports over to the UAE, stuff like that).  I thought one of the main articles of faith of the Republican Church was that Republican officials are in all cases infallible--being guided by God and all--and that all failures of communication are the the doing of the liberal mainstream media under the direction of Lucifer and Hillary Clinton.

Surely the administrations, both of them, are simply victims of mis-perceptions cleverly seeded and perpetuated by wholly owned subsidiaries of the Axis of Evil.  Part of being infallible is being a victim a lot of the time.  Infallible people cannot make mistakes, so, when they fuck up, they need to blame it on somebody else and they have to have been incapable of preventing the abuse.  Only a pure victim can remain purely spotless.  Anyone who had any choice in the matter (or in any other matter) is tainted with the knowledge of good and evil and could be fallible.  Shit, they may have already failed.

. . .

In other news:

They did it.  The Load O' The Rings musical is playing in Toronto as I type.  Employing a 40-ton rotating stage with seventeen elevators.  It currently runs four and a half hours.  They're thinking they need to cut it down to no more than three and a half for US audiences--shorter attention spans and such.

Just never forget where you heard it first, folks: That's Mr. Frodo to You! (2004-01-01)
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