Phrembah (a potato-like mystery) (phrembah) wrote,
Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)

I'm running out of gas and I'm only halfway there.

Here we go with the mid-semester blahs, again.  I don't want to quit Optics, but I don't want to continue it either.  Because I missed class Monday, the instructor said I couldn't just jump in on this hideous week-long lab with my usual group; I had to team up with somebody else who missed class Monday.  Jeez, this guy is slow--in about every way you can think of.

We, of course, did not finish the four-day lab in three days.  We have to go in two hours early next Monday to try to catch up.  Judging by the way we fumbled and spizzed today, it looks like we'll be going in early most of next week.  The lab report, however, is due Thursday, so Wednesday is about the last chance to finish the thing up.

As chronicled previously, I hate team efforts.  It is such a fucking crap shoot who you get stuck with and, just like craps, mostly you lose.

. . .

But, on a happier note, I ran across a piece of urban legend (according to it's true) that says legendary Monkees guitarist Michael Nesmith's mom invented Liquid Paper and left him multiple tens of millions of dollars when she died.  That's interesting, but the really cool part is that, apparently, some of his long out o' print albums are now available on CD (yeah, I know, that doesn't really have much to do with Liquid Paper, but the fact that it has anything to do with Liquid Paper is intriguing, don't you think?).  I can't afford any albums right now, but hopefully there will be a few left when I can.
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