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Hurtling Butt-First Through Time

Who knew?

Phrembah (a potato-like mystery)
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Phrembah is a retired TechnoWeenie living (if you can call it living) in the Land of Enchantment (you can call that New Mexico). He started life as a Rock 'n Roll guitar player and it was in that line of work that he accidentally stepped in some electronics. He was never quite able to get it all off his shoe and he spent his life (if you can call it that) working in and around electronics. He did a couple or three stints in the government contracting biz, surviving near-fatal exposure to weapons-grade stupidity and was, for a time, the in-house, on-staff computer programmer for two different candle manufacturers (no shit, he couldn't believe it either). His high score of 10,231 at Microsoft Solitaire (standard version) has turned out to be the pinnacle of his career as an electronics technologist.
antique audio distortion analyzers, big bad love, boutique guitar amplifiers, boutique hi-fi amplifiers, buckaroo bonzai, captain beafheart, china mieville, city and the city, continued existence, david lynch, dead man, diesel-electric locomotives, electronics, fpga's, gummo, guy maddin, inland empire, jesus in india, korean-made guitars, lake street dive, large machinery, linux, mechanics of religion, microcontrollers, mongolians, mormon history, movies, music, oceangoing vessels, pipe organs, plausible explanation of existence, primer the movie, searching for wrong-eyed jesus, seca mosfet audio amps, shadows and fog, sophie's world, stardust memories, steam engines, steam punk, strong encryption, three-pickup guitars, tor norretranders, twin peaks, twins, user illusion, vacuum tube circuits, verilog, vhdl